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When you think of America’s Heartland, what do you see in your mind? I see cornfields and happy faces, sunshine and laughing children, kind folks, friends and family. It’s only logical, then, that Brad’s next venture would connect him to FREEDOM FUN USA! We’re SO excited that FREEDOM FUN USA now has a branch in NORTHWEST INDIANA!

Our newest FREEDOM FUN owner, BRAD, told me that one of his many lofty goals in life is to bring laughter and smiles to the people of his community. When he connected with Tim at Freedom Fun, it was a natural collaboration! For Brad, helping people make wonderful memories with family and friends is the whole reason for his business. These memories mean that not only will they have a fantastic party or event, they will also have memories that will last forever!

Brad also shared with me that his faith and values are his resources for building a robust business, and those values are the basis for his branch of Freedom FUN USA. You might ask, what are these values? Well, I’ll tell you! First, the family is the core of our culture – whatever your family looks like, families are important. Second, showing the customer respect and consideration at all times, throughout the process of creating an event: the planning, the developing, the event itself, and the cleanup. Next, communication is key; Brad keeps communication open and shares with his customers each step of the way, keeping customers informed and aware of what’s going on to make sure everyone is happy and on the same page. Then, loyalty – which includes reliability, dependability, steadfastness, all of which permeate Brad’s business expertise. Finally, integrity: integrity is not a word you hear all that often anymore, yet it is a crucial part of Brad’s DMO (Daily Method of Operation). Integrity means a lot of things, including honesty, decency, truth, and honor. Brad always, yes always, goes the extra mile for people; that includes neighbors, strangers, friends, and customers. His willingness to show compassion and concern shows what great business relations should look like. That’s a solid basis for a business, and certainly one that fits with the ideals of FREEDOM FUN USA!

Brad’s wife and main fan is Awe, a university professor, Mom, and all-round organizer. They met on a mission trip! Over time, they discovered that they both had a joyful, faith-based approach to life. Now they have a beautiful son, Ayden, who keeps them busy! Brad is an optimistic, experienced business leader whose positive outlook has brought him success in his multiple business ventures as well as in his volunteer work. His confident approach to all relationships in his life, both business and professional, reveal just how solid and capable he is. AND, in addition to that, Brad says, “If it’s not FUN, I don’t want to do it!” A BIG WELCOME to this wonderful family – thanks for joining our FREEDOM FUN FAMILY!

Brad said something that really means a lot – it was a very simple statement, yet profound: “I saw an opportunity to bring smiles to the people in my community. If I can bring smiles to their faces, that makes me happy.” What does this say about these folks from NWI? It says that they are people with a big heart, who are ready to serve and to bring fun and happy times to the people in their neighborhoods. It’s a tough world out there, and like the rest of us here at FREEDOM FUN USA, Brad wants to create memories, fun times, and a respite from daily life.

Please check out our website https://www.freedomfunusa.com/ for more information about NWI FREEDOM FUN as well as all the other FREEDOM FUN FRANCHISES. For information on planning an event, AN EPIC EVENT, all our numbers are listed at https://www.freedomfunusa.com/contact to chat online or give us a call at whatever number is best for you!

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