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Caleb Nolan Joins Freedom Fun Franchises and Opens in Springfield Missouri

Caleb Nolan’s newest adventure (aided by his girlfriend, Valerie) is stepping out in faith to open a brand new Freedom Fun Franchise in Springfield Missouri! AND working toward a Masters Degree in Theology at Baptist Bible College in Springfield!

Caleb was born in 1996 in Tulsa OK; he has three brothers, Micah, Jeremiah, and Joshua – who grew up as preacher’s kids and missionaries’ grand-kids. Although being in the spotlight as a preacher’s kid can be daunting, Caleb is very grateful for the experience. He didn’t realize it at the time, but life lessons were preparing him for his own mission in life, for which he is profoundly thankful now.

Caleb plans to create a business to share his faith and build a foundation for the future. For a time, Caleb worked with another franchise – he thoroughly enjoyed it and realized he had a knack for it. He loved interacting with people, helping solve problems, and still having the freedom to generally set his own hours and schedule.

This led Caleb to consider a franchise of his own. His family in Tulsa has a Freedom Fun Franchise which he has experienced and helped with so he thought it would be great to have a business that he had some experience with and would also provide opportunities for him to collaborate with family and friends. He wanted to have a business that gave him freedom to set his own hours and be available for family time and church events and also provide for his own family in the future.

Additionally, Caleb observed that Freedom Fun is a people focused business with a solid, well-planned foundation that brings joy and memories to folks as well as serving as an opportunity to share one’s faith. The Freedom Fun Franchise has a mission to bring joy to the community, does not exploit people, and has a goal of always going above and beyond what is expected – which fits Caleb to a T. So Caleb naturally chose to open his own Freedom Fun Franchise in a city close to (but not too close) family.

When asked how he envisions his life in 10 years, he says he plans to be married (to Valerie), have a solid business established with office space and employees, be busy building a ministry, and serving as an active, involved part of his community. With such a busy schedule, you can imagine how much energy Caleb has – he says he is kind of a “shoot from the hip” kind of guy. He can think on his feet and plan as he moves forward. He’s got a wonderful future ahead of him!

We’re so proud to welcome Caleb as a part of our Freedom Fun Franchise family and look forward to a bright future building a solid foundation for his dreams!

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