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Scott Lawrence is now a member of the FREEDOM FUN FAMILY! Scott is building his FREEDOM FUN FRANCHISE in ALBUQUERQUE! Tim has known Scott for many years, and their friendship led Scott to consider a FREEDOM FUN FRANCHISE as a business opportunity.

Scott was born in 1966 in Marshall, Texas; his family moved to Austin in the 70s. Time passed and Scott met Tim during high school and they’ve been friends ever since. Scott calls Tim an “old and dear” friend, should we ask just how old? Just kidding! In fact, Tim and Amy entrusted the job of Wedding Photographer to Scott all those many years ago…

Scott attended UT Austin and graduated with a bachelors in journalism. He worked as a photojournalist for newspapers around the country, starting out with internships at papers in Clinton, PA, Albuquerque, NM, and St. Louis, MO. His first, and last, position was with Journal Tribune in Biddeford, ME.

Life brings many changes, and Scott moved back to Austin to help take care of his grandmother who was very ill. Then in 2004, Scott and his family moved to Albuquerque. The newspaper business was on the wane as the Internet made news instantly available so Scott chose to change professions. He attended Santa Fe Community College and obtained his degree in Nursing – he’s been an ICU RN ever since.

In the meantime, two sons were growing up, and, of course, Scott is very proud of them both. Aaron is 21 and is pursuing a degree in environmental science at the University of New Mexico. Brandon graduated UNM last year with a degree in mechanical engineering and now works as an engineer at Intel.

Scott has many hobbies including reading, watching movies, cooking, interior decorating, gardening, and especially traveling! Traveling is particularly fun when his sons accompany him. Recently he and his sons took a trip to Key Largo to experience the adventure of scuba diving! It was the realization of a life long dream AND they had an amazing time!

Scott shared his core values with us, and it was apparent right away that he was going to be a valuable member of our team – Scott’s values include honesty, integrity, open communication, and treating others as he would like to be treated. He believes in maintaining a healthy body, mind and spirit. He does admit he has struggled with keeping up his maintenance of body, mind and spirit, but he keeps trying! Although he and his wife divorced ten years ago, both of them are involved, caring parents for the boys.

Scott has a special memory regarding Freedom Fun USA – about 10 years ago, he and his family visited Tim and Amy who shared their vision of the new business Tim had started. Scott says that he was a little bit jealous because he’d always had a vision himself, one of owning his own business. However, he had just begun his new career as an RN.

What attracted Scott to the Freedom Fun Franchise? He had wanted to have his own business for years. He even attempted two previous franchises; however, due to circumstances beyond his control, those didn’t make it. Scott felt all the pain and discouragement of a failed business. When Scott examined the Freedom Fun Franchise closely, he discovered that he would have a solid team, with Tim and Zack, all the employees and other franchisees who are more than willing to help out whenever they can, to provide training and support when needed, and to offer suggestions, ideas, and brainstorming sessions. Scott is certain his future lies with Freedom Fun as a path to financial freedom and, in particular, to have something to pass on to his sons. In addition, Scott will now have the joy of bringing fun and laughter to the people of Albuquerque while providing for his family and their future.

Scott loves nursing and using his skills to help people, often at a dark time in their life. With the COVID pandemic and the systemic failure of the health care system, Scott, as did many others, became disillusioned and developed a degree of PTSD. He saw first hand that the health care system currently in place puts profits over the welfare of patients while the hospitals cater to shareholders. Through Freedom Fun, Scott plans to bring families together to share in making memories and having fun. Scott sees this business as giving him an opportunity to help others, which is at the heart of his core values.

Scott will continue his RN career for awhile, as he works toward building his franchise business full time. In the unique and special locale known as Albuquerque which is full of folks that put family first, Scott is working to “bring joy and lasting memories to countless families as well as team-building for corporations.” Maybe some of that team building will make a difference in communities as Scott shares his values and goals as well as laughter and smiles!

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