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No Matter What – Grace & Richard & Family Are Keepin’ It Real!

Through these last 18 months, FREEDOM FUN FORT WORTH has met every challenge –  weather extremes, COVID craziness, all added to the normal uncertainties of a new business.  Grace & Richard are inspired community leaders, innovative doers,  and diligent workers.  Their contributions to their community and to the world are invaluable!

Freedom Fun Fort Worth Family Photo


Richard and Grace lead their lives and business built on strong family values with the idea that a strong family is the basis, the foundation of a strong business.  Values like integrity, honesty, trust and loyalty keep their business going even in tough times.  Clients see these values in the way business is conducted and respond with loyalty and gratitude.  Grace and Richard know that their relationships with their customers is the cement that binds it all together.  Not only are they family oriented, they are customer oriented as well, treating business relationships like an extension of their family.  What a great way to run a business!

With their children involved, they are able to get a perspective on fun that is fresh and energized.  Kids have a way of keeping us adults grounded, don’t they?  Kids show us how to have fun, keep us laughing, and engage our heart.  Like the saying goes, they keep us young.  Grace and Richard really know what they are doing – involving the kids in the business not only teaches them about how the world of business works, it also helps engage customers on a higher level.


As you can see, FREEDOM FUN FORT WORTH is a productive, lively business with a fantastic work ethic and atmosphere.  There is lots of positive reinforcement both in the background work and coaching of clients on having FUN with things like Archery Tag, Foam Parties, Laser Tag and Virtual Reality.  Positive thinking keeps everybody going when the unexpected happens (oh the stories they could tell!) and lots of open communication keeps the customers from getting too anxious about their upcoming events.  Grace, Richard and Crew certainly know how to create events that are fun, interesting, exciting AND stress free for the customers!


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Richard and Grace know that having a FREEDOM FUN USA Franchise is a chance to leave their children a legacy – and it is UNLIMITED.  Building such a legacy for the family is a wonderful way to teach the kids about business, money, and people.  It is also a great way to construct a legacy to leave to the kids, and this legacy is limitless – they can build it as big as they want to.  It’s all within their power to create and shape the business as they choose.  Showing up and leading others to act responsibly, be organized, show compassion, and create a vision is a rare talent, and this family has it!


In addition to building a legacy and teaching the kids about business, FREEDOM FUN is about making people happy.  Providing events that are stress free and wonderfully fun.  What a fantastic way to spend time!  FREEDOM FUN gives people a chance to let go and have a great time – there are so many options!  For example, providing family and friends a chance to go to the movies with a GIANT MOVIE SCREEN right in their own backyard complete with a popcorn machine and a cotton candy machine and a chance to be together and relax!  Then, there’s the WATER FUN – WATER TAG, WATER SLIDES AND FOAM DANCE PARTY – WOW!  OR enjoy NERF WARS and BOUNCE HOUSES! The choices are almost endless.


Having Freedom Fun as a family business does so many things for you as an individual – it expands your creativity, increases business skills, grows your business network, and you just might find a new passion.  In addition, having more than one stream of income is really empowering and helps you reach your financial goals much quicker.  In these uncertain times, you can build your income security and use the extra money to pay down debt and build your wealth.  And it just might be that you love making people happy, creating Super Fun parties and events, and you segue into a brand new career….

For more information call 1-877-FUN-FRAN (386-3726) or visit https://freedomfunfranchise.com/   You’ll be so glad you did!

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